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May 2009


570 People form around the world took part in ECHA´s Stakeholders´day.

Over 570 representatives of stakeholders from 33 countries (ranging from the EU Member States to India, Korea and the USA) participated in the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) second Stakeholders′ Day. Over 300 were present at the Conference Centre in Helsinki and a further 270 joined in via webstream. The participants discussed the urgent need for companies to work together and share data in order to prepare joint dossiers for the registration of each chemical substance.

At the request of industry, ECHA launched an awareness campaign, called “the clock is ticking – form your SIEF now”, which intends to raise awareness of the urgent need for action if companies are to meet the first substance registration deadline of 30 November 2010. The campaign banner is available to download from ECHA’s website and is free for all to use. Industry associations and national helpdesks are particularly encouraged to join the campaign.

The campaign will seek to promote examples of best practice from companies who are well advanced in the registration process. It will also provide additional support for companies who are the so called Lead Registrants – the company taking the lead in developing the registration dossier on behalf of all the other companies who manufacture or import the same substance. For example, monthly webinars are planned for Lead Registrants to help them through the process.

The event was webstreamed live across the globe and is still viewable until 27 June. All the slides presented at the event are also available online.


 First Substances of very high concern move one step closer to tighter control       

The Member State Committee of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) adopted an opinion sharing the ECHA Secretariat’s view that seven substances of very high concern should be included in the so-called Authorisation List. The opinion was adopted by consensus. The Agency will finalise its recommendation on these substances, taking into account the Opinion of the Member State Committee, and submit it to the European Commission by 1 June 2009.

April 2009



REACH-EN-FORCE-1, a joint REACH enforcement project, has started across Europe. National inspectors are checking pre-registrations, registrations and – where applicable – the provisions for Safety Data Sheets. The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement, meeting for the fourth time this week in Helsinki, reviewed the start of the project and agreed on the further steps.



ECHA has published a REACH Fact Sheet providing registrants top tips on how to get started in SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora). SIEFs have a critical role within REACH and ECHA wants to do what it can to try to ensure that they succeed in sharing and assessing data as well as preparing the common parts of the registration. At the same time, the Agency would like to remind companies that SIEFS are independent – they are not “owned” by ECHA.



ECHA has responsibilities for risk communication. These include providing of guidance to Member State and stakeholders on the communication of risks and the safe use of chemical substances. ECHA has now launched an invitation to tender for companies interested in helping us to produce a risk communication guidance document.



ECHA has updated REACH-IT by adding an online inquiry submission functionality and a functionality to change legal entity names in the system. Documentation is also published to assist companies with the online inquiry and the change in legal entity name. In addition, REACH-IT can now be accessed by Member States Competent Authorities that fulfill ECHA’s standard security requirements. In addition, ECHA has published an Industry User Manual outlining the checks that the Agency makes immediately after a dossier has been received.





The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) inaugurated its new conference centre on Friday 3 April. In the event, the European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallstr?m called for a new high level UN panel to tackle the risks from chemicals.

March 2009

ECHA publishes an updated List of Pre-registered Substances. An updated version of the List of Pre-registered Substances was published today on the ECHA website. It contains around 143,000 substances which were pre-registered by 65,000 companies between 1 June and 1 December 2008. ECHA does not expect all of these substances to be registered.

ECHA publishes a webpage on Socio-Economic Analysis. A new page on socio-economic analysis is now available on the ECHA website. It introduces the role of the socio-economic analysis in the restriction and authorisation procedures and other legislative actions on chemical substances under REACH.

ECHA welcomes all to a Second Stakeholders' Day. On 27 May 2009, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will hold its second Stakeholders' Day at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Finland. Up to 500 participants worldwide from industry, national authorities and interest groups will attend. Participation is free of charge. The proceedings can also be followed over the Internet via web streaming. The event will precede the Helsinki Chemicals Forum which will take place on 28 and 29 May 2009, in the same venue.

Conference on EU and world-wide rules for classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals on 17 June 2009, Brussels. The conference aims to inform authorities, industry and other stakeholders about the new provisions for classification, labelling and packaging in the EU, placing them in the global context of GHS. It will explain the main features of the new legislation, focusing on practical aspects. It will provide up-to-date information on the CLP guidance documents and tools.

February 2009                          

First public consultation on harmonised classification and labelling. ECHA has today published on its website the first public consultation on a proposal to harmonise the classification and labelling of two chemical substances. Comments are welcome on the proposal within the next 45 days. All comments will be taken into account in the subsequent decision-making process.

REACH-IT was improved by means of a new "patch" on Monday 16th February. This new patch focuses on improving your searches on pre-registrations and pre-SIEFs, as well as downloading the pre-SIEF XML file. We have also replaced the upload component which has not worked as well as we had hoped. The overall stability of the site has consequently improved.
ECHA will closely monitor the new application's performance to see whether further improvements are necessary. You can be a help in that process by reporting any problems directly to the ECHA Helpdesk.
Many thanks.

Clarification in relation to PRE-SIEFs and SIEFs. Currently the main REACH obligation for companies which pre-registered substances last year is to form SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Forums). These should be operational as soon as possible, particularly in those cases where companies need to submit their registrations to ECHA before 1 December 2010.

REACH-IT to be upgraded – System closed 13 – 16 February, Over the coming weekend, ECHA will upgrade REACH-IT to address performance issues related to the searching and viewing of pre-registrations & pre-SIEFs, and the pre-SIEF XML download. REACH-IT is scheduled to be off line from 3pm Friday 13 February until 2pm Monday 16 February. Any change to this schedule will be announced on the ECHA website under REACH-IT/Portal.

The IUCLID 5 End User Manual is now available in 22 languages, The IUCLID 5 End User Manual has been translated into 21 EU languages. The Manual helps users to work with the software in a company environment and serves as a complete reference document for IUCLID functionalities and for preparing dossiers to be submitted to ECHA.

January 2009

Query plug-in adds more search functions to IUCLID 5. A IUCLID 5 Query plug-in is now available for downloading on the IUCLID website. It extends the ways in which data can be searched in a user's IUCLID 5 database and provides easy access to administrative and scientific data.

REACH-IT improved to facilitate SIEF formation. Today, ECHA has updated REACH-IT by improving searches and messaging modules. The improvements are expected to increase the availability and stability of the system so that companies can form SIEFs. ECHA is currently monitoring the impact of these changes and continues implementing additional improvements to further enhance the performance of REACH-IT.

REACH-IT update - Performance will be improve. The new REACH-IT release went online on 5 January as scheduled. Companies must now submit all their dossiers, including “late pre-registrations”, to ECHA via REACH-IT. Currently, the REACH-IT-system is affected by very high levels of use, leading to slow access to the pre-SIEFs and slow dossier submission. ECHA is working on solutions to improve system performance which will be implemented progressively. Companies are asked to be patient.

The first service release of IUCLID 5 is now available. An upgrade (5.1) is now available for the standalone and the distributed versions of IUCLID 5. The upgrade can be downloaded free of charge from the 'Get IUCLID 5' section of the IUCLID 5 website.

Public consultation on inclusion of substances in the authorisation list. ECHA launched today a public consultation on the first draft recommendation of substances to be included in the list of substances subject to authorisation (Annex XIV or Authorisation List). Interested parties can submit comments by using the relevant web forms on the ECHA website until 14 April 2009.

Was gibt´s im Jahr 2008?

Quelle: http://www.reach-helpdesk.de/de/Aktuelles/Aktuelles.html?__nnn=true

Dezember 2008

Wenn Sie die Vorregistrierungspflicht für Phase-in-Stoffe nicht eingehalten haben, können Sie die Übergangsregelungen nach Artikel 23 der REACH-Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 nicht in Anspruch nehmen. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie den Stoff vor einer weiteren Herstellung, bzw. Einfuhr bei der ECHA registrieren müssen. Des Weiteren ist auch das Inverkehrbringen möglicherweise noch vorhandener Restmengen des Stoffes gemäß Artikel 5 der REACH-Verordnung bis zu einer Registrierung nicht mehr zulässig. Vor einer Registrierung bei der ECHA haben Sie gemäß Artikel 26 eine Pflicht zur Erkundigung, ob für diesen Stoff bereits eine Registrierung vorgenommen wurde.

Die weitere Herstellung oder Inverkehrbringung eines Stoffes ohne erforderliche (Vor-)Registrierung stellt bei Fahrlässigkeit eine Ordnungswidrigkeit dar. Bei Vorsatz handelt es sich um eine Straftat.

Oktober 2008

Leitfaden zum Thema " Waste and recovered substances"

Der Service der Kommission hat am 29.10.08 auf seiner Internetseite einen Leitfaden zum Thema „Waste and recovered substances“ (Abfall und zurück gewonnene Stoffe) veröffentlicht. Das Dokument wurde zuvor auf dem CA-Meeting mit Vertretern der Mitgliedstaaten und Interessenvertretern der Industrie diskutiert.

Die Kandidatenliste der Stoffe, die gemäß Artikel 58 in Anhang XIV der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 aufgenommen werden sollen, ist von der ECHA veröffentlich worden.

Die revidierten Anhänge IV und V der REACH-Verordnung wurden am 09.10.2008 im Amtsblatt der Europäischen Union als Verordnung (EG). Nr. 987/2008 veröffentlicht.

Vorläufige Liste aller vorregistrierten Stoffe

Am 07.10.2008 hat die Europäische Agentur für chemische Stoffe (ECHA) eine vorläufige Liste aller vorregistrierten Stoffe veröffentlicht. Die Liste umfasst etwa 37800 Stoffe, die bis zum 01.10.2008 vorregistriert wurden. Die Vorregistrierung läuft noch bis einschließlich 01.12.2008. Die endgültige Liste aller vorregistrierten Stoffe wird dann bis zum 01.01.2009 veröffentlicht.

Die erste Kandidatenliste für zulassungpflichtige Stoffe wird 15 so genannte besonders Besorgnis erregende Stoffe umfassen. Darüber hat der Ausschuss der Mitgliedstaaten in seiner Sitzung am 07/08.10.2008 beraten und entschieden. Die Liste wird in Kürze von der ECHA veröffentlicht.

September 2008

Leitfaden zur Identifizierung und Bezeichnung von Stoffen unter REACH. Das Dokument ist eine deutsche Übersetzung des Leitfaden "Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH" durch die Bundesstelle für Chemikalien.



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